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3 Open Source issue tracking tools

Posted by UDS Enterprise Team3 Open Source issue tracking tools 2016-06-16 UDS Enterprise Team3 Open Source issue tracking tools

Issue tracking tools are crucial to manage any project workflow. They allow to detect, track and resolve bugs in a collaborative way. In this article we are going to talk about three Open Source tools easy to download and manage:

Redmine. It enables to manage multiple projects and integrates with many version control systems. It not only tracks issues, but also features forums, wikis, time tracking tools, and generates Gantt charts and calendars to track progress. Its configuration is fairly flexible, supports many databases, languages and can be customized. There is an online demo available to test this tool.


Bugzilla. It is one of the older and more adopted development tools with issue tracking capabilities. It is used by well-known Open Source projects such as GNOME, KDE and Linux kernel itself. It features many advanced options, like a search system with a comprehensive reporting tool, capable of generating charts and automated scheduled reports. Like Redmine, it is extensible and customizable, and is able to create custom workflows for bugs. It also supports a wide range of databases and programming languages.

Trac. This tool integrates bug tracking capabilities with its wiki and the revision control system chosen by the user. It incorporates project management capabilities, a customizable reporting system, timelines, support for multiple repositories, built-in spam filtering, and is available in many languages. There are plugins available to adapt the tool to your needs.

Do you know any other issue tracking tool? We encourage you to share it in the comments below!




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