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New VDI thin clients for the modern workplace

Posted by UDS Enterprise Team |

Dell announced this week at Citrix Synergy in Las Vegas a new portfolio of virtual workspace solutions, including new VDI thin client to meet the demands of the modern workplace:

-Wyse 7040, specially designed to provide a high level of security to meet the needs of the Federal market. It includes Trusted Platform Module and BitLocker and supports other advanced protection softwares. It can be configured with Windows Embedded Standard 7p and it is Windows 10 IoT ready.


-Wyse 3030 LT, a product which also provides high security and can be configured with Wyse ThinOS 8.3 or Wyse ThinLinux. It has a lifecycle of 6 to 8 years and consumes lees than 12 watts.

The company has also introduced Wyse ThinLinux, a new thin client-optimized software based on SUSE Linux, a new release of virus-resistant thin client OS (ThinOS 8.3) and the last release of Wyse Device Manager 5.7. management software.

Further information: Dell PR



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