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XenServer 7 boosts security and 3D graphics virtualization

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamXenServer 7 boosts security and 3D graphics virtualization 2016-05-25 UDS Enterprise TeamXenServer 7 boosts security and 3D graphics virtualization

Citrix announced at Synergy conference in Las Vegas the availability of the latest release of XenServer 7 virtualization platform.

This new version enhances hypervisor security with a new Direct Inspect API, simplifies 3D graphics virtualization and improves support for Microsoft Windows environments.

XenServer 7 boosts graphics virtualization with Intel Iris Pro on-CPU Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), reducing costs to run graphics-intensive applications, such as web browsers, productivity tools like Microsoft PowerPoint, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and enterprise 3D data visualization software. It requires no additional hardware or licenses and accelerates graphical workloads of many types.


Citrix hypervisor was the first one to support NVIDIA vGPU and now they are extending support for this technology to Linux virtual machines.

Regarding security, XenServer 7 features Direct Inspect APIs which enable third-party integration to protect virtual infrastructures with no agents required inside the guest operating system.

This new release includes new features for Windows environments, like support for Server Message Block (SMB) storage protocol for virtual machine image storage and the ability to update the XenServer tools through Windows update. It also features Windows Server 2016 support and extends support of Docker container technology to the Windows platform, being the first hypervisor to offer integrated management of Docker containers on Linux and Windows.

For more info on these and other XenServer 7 highlights, have a look at Citrix official blog



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