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What is UDS Enterprise for?

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamWhat is UDS Enterprise for? 2016-05-06 UDS Enterprise TeamWhat is UDS Enterprise for?

UDS Enterprise connection broker brings together the most advanced functionalities this type of software may feature and it is constantly evolving in order to support new technology trends.

UDS Enterprise not only helps to deploy and centrally manage virtual desktops lifecycle, it also enables the management of virtualized applications, IP phone and IP cameras, shared resources... and any other remote desktop service or resource hosted in your datacenter. It also integrates with different cloud services, such as OpenStack and OpenNebula and it can be used as a gateway to physical PCs and e-Learning platforms like Moodle.


This software provides IT administrators with all necessary tools to quickly and easily manage the access of large volumes of users with different profiles to any remote resource, allowing to perform deployments, updates and provide support in a few minutes from a single dashboard without compromising security. In fact, UDS Enterprise adds a higher security level, since it isolates sessions with specific configurations for each user and features splitted single sign-on.

This broker enables to track users accesses to resources and all their activity from a single dashboard thanks to its advanced monitoring system which is complemented by automatic full reports that help analyze the status of resources in the datacenter so that IT staff can make proper decissions in real time, optimizing the organization's productivity.

UDS Enterprise is fully transparent to users, who use it to access their desktops without setting up any additional software. They only need a device with a web browser to access their enterprise desktop and all files, programs, applications... they need for their daily work. As access can be performed from any device, thay can do it anywhere and anytime, so UDS Enterprise turns physical offices in remote offices with one click.

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