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Work from home & VDI should go hand in hand: support

Posted by UDS Enterprise Team |

In previous posts we talked about the advantages of desktop virtualization for organizations supporting remote employees. In addition to software licenses management and security, technical support is another improved service thanks to VDI.

If employees working from home don't use virtual desktops, the help desk staff don't know what operating systems, programs or applications each user has intalled in his computer.


Therefore, support issues, as login resets or software problems are difficult to resolve, as they have to gather information about the PC before diagnosing and correcting the problem. And if the support staff somehow damages the user's OS, personal apps or data when fixing the issues, there may be legal consequences.

Desktop virtualization helps reducing issues and speeds up problem resolution, since IT already has all the info related to the virtual desktops being used by remote workers, which are usually standardized, and centrally managed.

In short, companies trying to support remote employees should look to VDI, which helps control users' environment and makes it easier to manage licenses, ensure security and provide support.

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