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Dell stops selling vWorkspace licenses

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamDell stops selling vWorkspace licenses 2016-04-20 UDS Enterprise TeamDell stops selling vWorkspace licenses

Dell has decided to stop developing vWorkspace VDI software, which was acquired a few years ago, in 2012.

The company explained they will continue offering support and updates to their current clients and they will also be able to expand their environments, but they will stop selling licenses to new customers and they won't release any new vWorkspace version.


The experts think EMC aquisition by Dell could be behind this decision. EMC owns 80% of VMware, that commercializes Horizon View VDI software, and the decision of stop developing vWorkspace would be an attempt to support this technology.

Dell has partnered with Citrix and VMware for a long time, and they have been vendor-agnostic so far. But if the deal with EMC is closed and Dell starts recommending Horizon for VDI, this could be the first step in a new strategy that will set aside some traditional allies.

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