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Work from home & VDI should go hand in hand: security

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamWork from home & VDI should go hand in hand: security 2016-04-18 UDS Enterprise TeamWork from home & VDI should go hand in hand: security

Last week we talked about the advantages of desktop virtualization to face work from home challenges for IT departments, such as software licenses management. In this post we deal with one of the areas of greatest concern for most companies: security

When an employee works from home using a personal device, it is really difficult to guarantee that his computer adheres to the company's security policies. IT administrators must check whether a device is 100% secure and if it has, for example, an outdated OS or if it is infested with malware.


Some organizations attempt to resolve these issues derived from the use of personal devices performing remote health checks. Windows OS, for example, allows to assess the health of remote systems, and either grant or deny access based on its evaluation. Some automatic actions can also be scheduled: you can ask the system to turn the firewall if it detects it is disabled.

But this kind of security remote tests can be risky, since they are difficult to configure and they are not fully comprehensive. In addition, when a PC fails, both health check and user access are locked out, thus affecting productivity.

With VDI all these issues disappear, as the user remotely connects to a corporate desktop preconfigured by IT to meet all of the company's security requirements. Device level security is not longer a problem, since the user's personal computer is used as a thin client. The employee performs all the work using a virtual machine hosted in the organization's data center. If the virtual desktop's OS is infected with malware it isn't a problem because virtual desktops are typically non-persistent, which means they reset to their initial state at the end of each session.

Appart form licenses management and security, support service is also simplified and improved thanks to desktop virtualization. Stay tuned to our blog and social media to learn more on this topic.

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