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3 ways to try Open Source VDI & VApp

Posted by UDS Enterprise Team3 ways to try Open Source VDI & VApp 2016-03-10 UDS Enterprise Team3 ways to try Open Source VDI & VApp

Open Source tools provide significant flexibility and cost savings to companies and users, since they can be easiliy customized according to each project and cut the costs of privative software's licenses.

Mainly for these reasons, experts recommed using this type of software, moreover when the main goal is to evaluate a technology.

Find below three different ways to try desktop virtualization and application virtualization completely for free:

-UDS Enterprise Free Edition. This version of the multiplatform connection broker for Windows and Linux provides 10 users free lifetime.

-UDS Enterprise Evaluation Edition. Get unlimited VDI and VApp users for 60 days.

-UDS Enterprise Online Demo. Platform is accessed through web browser, no setup is needed. One user access to a demo environment is provided for a limited time.

In addition to desktop and app virtualization UDS Enterprise enables the administration and deployment of physical desktops, e-Learning systems and any other remote desktop service. All these functionalities are available in these free software versions, which can be requested in our website



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