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New Eclipse IDE platform available

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamNew Eclipse IDE platform available 2016-03-09 UDS Enterprise TeamNew Eclipse IDE platform available

The Eclipse Foundation has announced the release of Eclipse Che, a new integrated development environment (IDE) platform.

This ecosystem supported by Codenvy, Microsoft, Red Hat, and SAP is Open Source based improves agile development by integrating a cloud IDE, workspace server, and plug-ins into a universal developer workspace.


Eclipse Che workspaces are composed of projects and Docker-powered runtimes. Workspaces are accessible 24/7 by browsers, CLI and APIs. Their portable nature migrates development to any location, whether a desktop, mobile device or cloud. Its main features include:

-Collaborative Server: It provides shared access to programming services. Workspace environments are given a hostname and accessible by remote clients.

-Cloud IDE: A no-installation browser IDE and IOE accessible from any local or remote device.

-Plug-in Framework: It is extensible by customizing built-in plug-ins or authoring your own extensions.

-Stacks: Build projects for any programming language and framework. Create runtimes from Che’s image and stack library, pull from DockerHub, or author custom images with Dockerfiles.

Eclipse Che has been developed by the Eclipse community and integrates key elements of Eclipse technology such as the Eclipse Java development tools and the Orion web editor to provide a new developer experience. Che adds new workspace management and container-based runtime technology to modernize the developer experience.



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