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UDS Enterprise manages unlimited desktop services

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamUDS Enterprise manages unlimited desktop services 2016-03-08 UDS Enterprise TeamUDS Enterprise manages unlimited desktop services

Any remote desktop service can be managed using a single tool: UDS Enterprise.

Our multiplatform connection broker for Windows and Linux systems enables the administration of users access to services such as virtual desktops, physical desktops, applications, e-Learning platforms like Moodle, IP phone, cloud services, IP cameras and shared resources.


Regarding IP phone, UDS Enterprise allows its integrations with applications and virtual desktops through single sign-on, simplifying users access to these services and the management performed by IT admins. In addition to IP phone, UDS Enterprise can be integrated with any IP device, for example, IP cameras.

Users can also access cloud resources like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure in addition to any shared resources like folders, file servers, FTP servers... via UDS Enterprise.

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