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VMware Virtual SAN 6.2 released

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamVMware Virtual SAN 6.2 released 2016-02-11 UDS Enterprise TeamVMware Virtual SAN 6.2 released

VMware has introduced Virtual SAN 6.2, the new version of the storage solution for vSphere virtual machines. This software provides core storage services with high performance, scalability and flexibility for virtualized production environments.

This solution changes storage management from device to application, enabling administrators to provision storage for applications in minutes.

It is recommended for business critical applications, virtual desktops infraestructures (VDI), remote office and test and development environments.

Virtual SAN is one of VMware hyperconverged software's component, which converge compute, storage and network solutions. It is embedded in the hypervisor and delivers flash-optimized, scalable, hyperconverged storage for vSphere virtual machines.

This element provides a high performance infraestructure to the software-defined data center.

If you're interested in managing and deploying virtual and physical desktops, applications and other Windows & Linux services with VMware vSphere, try UDS Enterprise, our multiplatform connection broker, fully compatible with this hypervisor.

For further info see VMware press release



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