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Kali Linux Rolling Edition 2016.1 released

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamKali Linux Rolling Edition 2016.1 released 2016-01-22 UDS Enterprise TeamKali Linux Rolling Edition 2016.1 released

The first Kali Linux Rolling Edition is available after 5 months of testing, featuring the stability of Debian together with the latest versions of many outstanding penetration testing tools created by the information security community.

This new model of release feeds continuously from Debian testing, so the kali-rolling repository will always hold the latest stable releases of monitored tools after 24-48 hours being released.


A new tool, Kali Linux Package Tracker allows to follow the evolution of this distro with email updates and a web interface. It can also help in identifying which versions of various tools and packages are in the repository.

Kali Linux is an Open Source project which incorporates more than 300 penetration testing and security auditing programs with a Linux operating system. This solution enables IT administrators and security professionals to test the effectiveness of risk mitigation strategies.

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