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5 reasons to dive into VDI in 2016

Posted by UDS Enterprise Team5 reasons to dive into VDI in 2016 2016-01-12 UDS Enterprise Team5 reasons to dive into VDI in 2016

Desktop virtualization is a mature technology which provides huge benefits to companies; above all to those challenging cost control, constant changes and users willing to access information and corporate tools anytime, anywhere and using any device.

Therefore, the beginning of 2016 is the perfect time to consider VDI adoption. Find below five more reasons why this technology may become your best ally:

1.- It improves business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities. In case of incident, virtual desktops access can be performed anytime from a disaster recovery site.

2.- It enhances business agility. VDI enables the deployment of thousands of desktops in less time and at a lower cost than traditional deployments, improving competitivity when time to market is crucial.

3.- It simplifies management. The virtual machines which make up every virtual desktop are hosted on a central server, simplifying administrative tasks.

4.- It improves productivity and employee satisfaction. The user experience doesn't change, even when a backup device is needed.

5.- It reduces downtime. When an issue occurs, the virtual desktop can be accessed remotely from any backup device, resuming activity inmediately.

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