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Linux predictions for 2016

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamLinux predictions for 2016 2015-12-23 UDS Enterprise TeamLinux predictions for 2016

Linux has changed a lot in 2015. We have seen, for example, how Microsoft now loves Linux and they have created their own distribution. The first Ubuntu smartphone and the first smartwatch running Tizen have been launched. In the enterprise, Linux has become more powerful with tecnhologies like OpenStack, Docker and Cloud Foundry.

This new year which is about to start is going to bring also great changes for Linux. CIO magazine has published some interesting predictions. You can have a look at them below:


1.- Google won't release Drive for Linux in 2016.

2.- Apple will develop more apps for Android, like iTunes and Apple Movies.

3.- Microsoft will acquire a Linux vendor to offer their own Linux distro to enterprise customers.

4.- Canonical will put an end to their smartphones offering and will focus on enterprise.

5.- Adobe won't offer Creative Cloud to Linux users.

6.- Canonical will adopt Wayland and will stop developing MIR.

7.- Chromecast will become an standard like AirPlay.

8.- Chrome OS will continue achieving market share in 2016.

9.- Google will develop more desktop features for Android.

10.- More Linux users will use Chrome OS and Android as their main system.

11.- Amazon will offer Amazon Prime app for Apple TV and Android-based devices.

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