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Best 2015 Open Source software

Posted by UDS Enterprise Team Best 2015 Open Source software 2015-12-17 UDS Enterprise Team Best 2015 Open Source software

Now that 2015 is coming to an end, Tecmint shares the 20 best Open Source software they have found during this year.

-SimpleScreenRecorder. You can use it to record audio and video.

-Jaspersoft Studio. To create reports with tabs, tables... and export them.

-Visual Studio Code. Ir provides a useful programming environment.

-TuxGuitar. To edit and play guitar tablatures.

-Ekiga. An alternative to Skype; it is a software for video conferencing and VoIP available for Windows & Linux.

-Childsplay. Memory activities for children to learn sounds, images, letters, numbers...

-Dia. Diagram editor similar to Microsoft Visio.

-FreeCAD. 3D design software recommended for engineers and architects.

-Owncloud. An interesting alternative to Dropbox.

-MediaWiki. To create and manage a Wikipedia-like website.

-Bleachbit. It could be described as a CCleaner for Linux.

-CodeMirror. Javascript-based text editor for web browsers.

-GNUMed. Highly recommended for health professionals, as it allows you to create and manage patient histories.

-OCS Inventory NG. Web application that helps system administrators to keep a track on devices connected to a network and configurations and software installed in that devices.

-GLPI. It enables to create a database with an inventory of all devices in a network and implement job control with an email notifications system.

-Ampache. To configure a home media center or an audio or video online application and access it from anywhere with an internet connection.

-PDFEdit. Software to edit pdf documents.

-Lemon POS. It allows you to use a single database (MySQL / MariaDB) to storage data from multiple devices at the same time.

-OpenShot. Video editor for Linux.

-LAN Messenger. Program for IM communications over a LAN to share files, messages and event notifications.

For further info about any of these software, see the article in Tecmint



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