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EMC open sources RackHD

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamEMC open sources RackHD 2015-12-09 UDS Enterprise TeamEMC open sources RackHD

EMC keeps on moving towards Open Source. After open sourcing CoprHD project, announced at EMC World, they have just released RackHD under Apache 2.0 license.

In this way, this project can be improved by the community and vendors can include support for their infrastructure products.


RackHD is a new layer between the IT infrastructure hardware and software that will enable both to evolve independently. It allows configuration of heterogeneous hardware infrastructure as a pool of resources that infrastructure software (storage, network, compute) will consume to provide services to multiple operating environments.

This capability is very important to next-generation data center architectures. Application workloads and the corresponding IT infrastructure requirements are becoming more diverse. The abstraction layer enabled by RackHD will allow pools of hardware resources to be able to support the growing diversity of traditional and next-generation application workloads.

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