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How to manage vSphere efficiently

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamHow to manage vSphere efficiently 2015-12-03 UDS Enterprise TeamHow to manage vSphere efficiently

If you are an IT administrator and you manage VMware vSphere virtualization platform, have a look at these useful tips:

-Don't use Raw Device Mappings (RDMs). Try VMware Virtual Volumes instead, which is far less complex and more useful.

-See VMFS volumes and make sure they are upgraded.

-Use vSphere tags and categories. They help you organize virtual machines (VMs) in a customized way, considering elements not related to infrastructure. You can arrange them, for example, by production, development, off-site DR...

-Consider replicated MV. It will allow you implementing failover systems, among others.

-Take a look at Virtual SAN as storage system, as it is one of the best ones for vSphere and it gets better with every update.

-Keep a copy of vCenter Converter handy. It is very useful to move VMs when other tools don't work.

-Check what VMs take the most IOPs. It is a good idea to have a tool which performs this task, as VMs behaviours change.

UDS Enterprise is vSphere Ready certified and it enables the deployment and management of virtual and physical desktops, applications and other Windows & Linux services with VMware's hypervisor.

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