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Active Directory tools for backup & restore

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamActive Directory tools for backup & restore 2015-12-01 UDS Enterprise TeamActive Directory tools for backup & restore

Active Directory (AD) is one of the most used features in Windows Server. It enables administrators to manage devices and users implementing and reinforcing security policies. It also provides a centralized and hierarchical directory to manage all network resources.

In this post we're talking about tools and best practices to ease restore & backup processes in AD.

To make backup process easier, first you should know the domain controllers you need to backup and draft a backup schedule. It is advisable to remove unnecessary backups to save storage space.

If you need to restore an AD backup to a different hardware platform, you should bare in mind that you need to backup the full server.

Windows Server includes a built-in backup tool, but you can add extra capabilities, such as alerts or reports using third party tools (Dell, Acronis...).

UDS Enterprise, the multiplatform connetion broker to deploy and administer virtual and physical desktops, applications and other Windows & Linux services is compatible with multiple authentication systems. Active Directory is one of them.

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