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VDI clients: What is the long-term best option?

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamVDI clients: What is the long-term best option? 2015-11-13 UDS Enterprise TeamVDI clients: What is the long-term best option?

Choosing a VDI client is not an easy task since there are several options with slight differences.

Physical desktops, thin clients and HTML5 browsers are good options for VDI deployments, but most companies always look for the best value for money. In this case, HTML5 browsers can be considered an interesting alternative.


Thin clients are hardware terminals with minimal storage and applications. Zero clients don't include local storage, they connect to a host server. It is also possible using traditional PCs and laptops as thin clients, installing a software which creates a remote desktop environment. HTML5 clients are hosted on a server instead of locally on a device and provide remote access through a web browser.

Using PCs may be expensive to manage, because IT department has to mantain and update them. Thin and zero clients may be cheaper, but require an initial investment.

Analyzing price and performance, the best option would be HTML5 clients, since they allow access nearly anywhere, you may even access virtual desktops from monitors, TVs or projectors connected to Internet.

Source: Which VDI client has the best long-term viability?



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