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Join the World Teleworking Day with VDI & VApp

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamJoin the World Teleworking Day with VDI & VApp 2015-09-16 UDS Enterprise TeamJoin the World Teleworking Day with VDI & VApp

The UDS Enterprise Team joins the World Teleworking Day, since working from home is one of the advantages provided by our multiplatform connection broker for Windows and Linux.

UDS Enterprise enables the deployment of desktop, apps and other IT services hosted in the Data Center or Cloud, so that users can access them anywhere, anytime and from any device.

Moreover, UDS Enterprise guarantees secure access to all resources both from WAN and LAN, dispelling one of the major disadvantages for IT administrators when implementing such a solution.

The flexibility provided by this software, together with companies' new policies, which allow increasingly often working from home, bring about a significant production improvement, since employees feel more comfortable, make the most of their time and get more engaged with their work.

Do you think working from home brings about more advantages? Tell us in Twitter naming @UDSenterprise

Happy World Teleworking Day!



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