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Open Source Internet of Things tools for developers

Posted by UDS Enterprise Team Open Source Internet of Things tools for developers 2015-09-04 UDS Enterprise Team Open Source Internet of Things tools for developers

The Internet of Things is now a technological trend and, according to the experts, it will continue to be like this for at least ten years.

Thus, developers turn their efforts towards this sector. If you are interested, here you are a list of Open Source platforms ans applications that will give you a hand with your projects:

Node-RED. It is a simple visualization tool that connects devices for the Internet of Things. The tool enables a piece of hardware, an API or on online service to be connected easily and quickly.

Kinoma Create. It is a construction kit that enables connections between devices without the need for having too much knowledge of programming in JavaScript. Kinoma Create already has everything needed to start developing small IoT projects.

Eclipse IoT. It enables Internet of Things applications to be developed in Java. It provides a set of Open Source technologies for connecting and managing several devices in an IoT environment.

OpenHUB. It provides a platform for integrating devices that, for obvious reasons, speak and communicate in completely different languages through automation processes and user interface units.

IoTSyS. It provides a device communication system based on IPv6, 6LoWPAN, Constrained Application Protocol and Efficient XML Interchange protocols and standards. Its aim is to provide interoperable interfaces that enable connection between devices, for example, sensor systems.

For further info about these and other apps and platforms have a look atthis article



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