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Arno, Open Source software to enable deployment of NFV

Posted by UDS Enterprise Team |

The OPNFV Project, an Open Source platform to accelerate the introduction of new Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) products and services, announced the availability of the community’s first software release: Arno.

It is a solution aimed at anyone who is exploring NFV deployments, developing Virtual Network Functions (VNF) applications, or interested in NFV performance and use case-based testing. This developer-focused release provides an initial build of the NFV Infrastructure (NFVI) and Virtual Infrastructure Manager (VIM) components of ETSI NFV architecture.


Prodip Sen, chairman of the OPNFV board of directors, explained that “with Arno, we now have a solid foundation for testing some of the key resource orchestration and network control components for NFV.”

Arno enables continuous integration, automated deployment and testing of components from upstream projects such as Ceph, KVM, OpenDaylight, OpenStack and Open vSwitch.

In addition, it enables end users and developers to deploy their own or third party VNFs to test its functionality and performance in various traffic scenarios and use cases.

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