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VDI security guide

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamVDI security guide 2015-06-30 UDS Enterprise TeamVDI security guide

With the wide variety of endpoints that exist today in the corporate environments, security is more important that ever, since, in addition, users are becoming increasingly more independent and it is harder to manage passwords, application configurations and network access.

Virtual desktop platforms favor security, since data is stored in VDI servers within the data center and it is safer that store them locally. And not only that. Desktop virtualization allows administrators to have more control over the distribution of desktops and applications.

But there are also new handicaps in security, since the fact that users can remotely access virtual desktops can suppose a risk to the corporate network. Therefore, it is advisable to take solid security measures for virtual desktops, as strict network protection, single sign-on implementation, or secure backup files.

Learn VDI security best practices in this guide



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