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New Citrix Ready Marketplace

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamNew Citrix Ready Marketplace 2015-05-26 UDS Enterprise TeamNew Citrix Ready Marketplace

Citrix has renewed the Citrix Ready Marketplace, launching a new website with a more modern and functional design. The user experience has been improved, so that it is now much easier for companies to find third-party compatible products or solutions that best suit their needs

The Citrix Customer Experience and Web Development teams have been working for months in order to understand customer’s needs and priorities. After analyzing that feedback, they have completely redesigned the website, which offers a wide range of partners and solutions that have previously been tested and verified by the company.


The Citrix Ready designation is granted to partners who successfully met all test criteria defined by Citrix, ensuring the products can be trusted to work together

One of these partners is VirtualCable, whose VDI connection broker for Windows and Linux obtained the Citrix Ready certification. Thus, both the company and the desktop virtualization solution can be found in the new Citrix Ready Marketplace:

Citrix Ready Marketplace- UDS Enterprise

Citrix Ready Marketplace- VirtualCable .



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