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VDI and identity federations integration

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamVDI and identity federations integration 2015-04-30 UDS Enterprise TeamVDI and identity federations integration

An identity federation or federated identity is the means of linking a person's electronic identity and attributes, stored across multiple distinct identity management systems. It allows using single sign-on (SSO), in which a user's single authentication ticket, or token, is trusted across multiple IT systems, organizations, companies or entities.

It is a very useful way of sharing information between organizations whithout sharing security, authentication or directory technologies.

The education sector is one of those taking advantage of this technologies. An example is CONFIA identity fedetarion, composed by several universities from Andalusia (Spain), which main goal is to enable persons belonging to this community use distributed services using the credentials of their home university.


One of the available services are virtual desktops, which allows students go into online courses from different andalusian universities using a single user and password. This service has become a reality thanks to the close collaboration between the UDS Enterprise team and the entities associated to CONFIA, since the virtual desktops are deployed using UDS Enterprise connection broker for Windows and Linux.

For further info, see our white paper.



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