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What hardware do I need to deploy a VDI platform?

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamWhat hardware do I need to deploy a VDI platform? 2015-04-20 UDS Enterprise TeamWhat hardware do I need to deploy a VDI platform?

To implement a desktop virtualization platform some minimum components at hardware level are necessary. The essential requirements are a server infrastructure, a network architecture, storage and client devices:

-Server Infrastructure. It consists of the necessary servers with enough processing and physical memory capacity for hosting the hypervisor layer, which will assign the necessary hardware resources to the virtual desktops.

-Network electronics. This will allow for interconnection between the different platform components. Network architecture for a VDI platform can be very complex, so it’s crucial that these components are of the highest quality.

-Storage infrastructure. Formed by the necessary hard drive cabinet or cabinets, with sufficient capacity and disk access speed for hosting both the virtual desktops deployed and the data, shared or otherwise, of the virtual desktops deployed.

-Client devices. The devices that will be used to connect to the virtual desktops. Generally, we will define whether they are fixed computers, laptops, thin clients, zero clients or even mobile devices.

In addition to the hardware components it is also necessary to bear in mind that it is necessary to have at least a few software components at the time of launching in production a VDI environment . Stay tuned to our blog because we will talk about them in upcoming posts.



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