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Open Source VDI: Efficiency in Government

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamOpen Source VDI: Efficiency in Government 2015-04-14 UDS Enterprise TeamOpen Source VDI: Efficiency in Government

XXII asLAN.2015 Conference is being held today and tomorrow in Madrid, an event focused on the new digital infrastructures available to businesses and Governments to optimize deployment, mobility and safety... of infrastructures and network applications.

Among the different forums in this event, the one related to government deserves special attention, where topics as, for example, mobility in government as one of the keys to improve the efficiency and move towards a "connected society", more globalized and competitive are discussed.

Desktop virtualization is one of the key technologies that allows to achieve improvements in productivity and efficiency derived from mobility. If, in addition, we choose for an Open Source model, the advantages are multiplied and significant costs savings are added. Many Spanish universities and other public entities already employ this model today thanks to our connection broker for Windows and Linux systems. Discover all details about their experience here.



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