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Linux 3.19 released

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamLinux 3.19 released 2015-02-09 UDS Enterprise TeamLinux 3.19 released

Linux 3.19 has been released. We sum up below the main innovations that come with the latter version of the kernel:

-Graphics: support for the new Intel Skylake architecture (which will be released probably by the end of this year), incorporation of AMD AMDKFD driver and performance improvements in the TTM memory management. In addition, it includes support for Nvidia Tegra K1 tension control, for GM204 chip and it improves the frequency change control of memory in the GM21x.


-Input and output devices: the new Linux supports new hardware (more multitouch devices) and adds improvements in some drivers. Now it supports, for example, Logitech Wireless Touchpad T650 and Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Type Cover.

-File systems: improvement of support for Btrfs RAID 5 and 6, bug solution for Ext4 that optimizes the use of the CPU, support for creating several read-only with OverlayFS; and F2FS, CephFS and SquashFS enhancements.

-Power management: new unified interface to access the properties of the devices offered by the firmware, support for P-States in the intel_pstate, improvements in the management of Intel Baytrail-T and Baytrail-T-CR; and support for DEP.

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