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UDS Enterprise in The Linux Foundation's Guide to the Open Cloud

Posted by UDS Enterprise Team |

The Linux Foundation has released this week its second annual Guide to the Open Cloud, with a compillation of Open Source projects used by organizations to build from scratch its open clouds.

The report includes 18 new projects that are becoming increasingly important within the sector. Among them, we find oVirt virtualization platform and UDS Enterprise appears highlighted in this part of the guide (page 15) as one of the projects that actively supports this initiative endorsed by Red Hat. UDS Enterprise is compatible with oVirt and the use of both solutions, together with KVM hypervisor, enables you to deploy Open Source virtual desktops.


The document also lists projects such as LXC, CoreOS, Osv, Apache Mesos, Apache Stratos, Deis and Kubernetes, which are growing due to the need of new platforms, management tools for the Linux container technology and web-scale operating systems.

There are also cloud storage systems like Apache Cassandra, CouchDB, MongoDB, Redis, and Swift; configuration tools for hybrid clouds such as Ansible and ManageIQ; and network defined software and network function virtualization as OpenDaylight, Open vSwitch and Open Contrail.



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