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VDI advantages: support and updates

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamVDI advantages: support and updates 2015-01-28 UDS Enterprise TeamVDI advantages: support and updates

Apart from the best-known advantages brought by desktop virtualization, such as cost savings and the improvement in the management of IT resources, the deployment of virtual desktops also facilitates the work of IT administrators when they have to to give support and install updates.

The effectiveness of the support service directly impacts in the business, since the time that goes by when a PC stops operating until the issue is repaired is an inactive time for the user, so the company's productivity is automatically affected.

With the use of virtual desktops, the support task is greatly sped up because:

• The thin client devices are easy to replace and repair.

• Many of the problems that may arise in a nonpersistent virtual desktop are resolved by starting a new session.

• Compatibility problems between hardware and OS or applications disappear, as virtual desktops present the same hardware to the OS.

As for the periods of update and renewal of the hardware, both get longer, since the amortization time of the thin client devices can be from 7 to 10 years, while the server platform can be increased in the event that more resources are necessary due to OS change, increasing the fleet of PCs. Concerning application changes, they can be made directly on the base images before being deployed or different virtualized application packets can be made that will be shown on the virtual desktops.



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