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Should we move from Ext4 Linux file system to Btrfs and XFS?

Posted by UDS Enterprise Team |

Red Hat and SUSE gave up Ext file system last year and started using Btrfs and XFS. For this reason, many users are wondering whether they should follow the steps of the two main professional Linux distributions in the market and stop using Btrfs on their PC. It's been verified that Btrfs has really good advanced features which improve storage's management and security. Thus, it is suitable for system administrators. Meanwhile, XFS seems to be the perfect solution for virtualization, data base, app and cloud environments, where speed and scalability are needed.

However, for a regular user basic partitioning and security systems are easier to use and faster to set up than Btrfs tools. In addition, the user experience is not completely similar to Ext4 and encryption is not as integrated as it should be. Regarding the use of XFS in a desktop environment, it's not really appropriate, since a normal user doesn't handle heavy workloads and usually doesn't have a hardware that allows to take full advantage of this file system on Linux. Moreover, performance is very similar and sometimes even lower than Ext4.

So, the recommendation for PC users would be keeping Ext system at least for now. If you are willing to test the new solutions, remember to make a good partitioning and installing a backup system.

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