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Virtual desktops & lifecycle management II

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamVirtual desktops & lifecycle management II 2014-12-26 UDS Enterprise TeamVirtual desktops & lifecycle management II

In our post today we go back to VDI adoption and its involvement in the lifecycle management of the virtual desktops. A few days ago we talked about the planning phase and today we focus on the acquisition one. This is approximately 50% of the total cost of the desktop lifecycle.

At this stage, negotiations will be conducted for the purchase of the server platform that will host the virtual desktops and the unpacking of the platform will also be carried out. The IT department will work on the physical installation and connection of the components, the installation of peripherals and image creation (OS and application installation).

Later, there comes the moment to deploy the new fleet of desktops, a topic that we will describe in next articles.



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