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VDI cost saving: vSphere to oVirt migration

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamVDI cost saving: vSphere to oVirt migration 2014-12-11 UDS Enterprise TeamVDI cost saving: vSphere to oVirt migration

Economic costs may be one of the major obstacles when it comes to deploy a virtual desktop infrastructure. But, if instead of using licensed tools we undertake the project with Open Source tools, the costs drops dramatically.

That was precisely the option chosen by the University of Sevilla, since its goal was to save as much as possible without giving up the best service, performance and availability.

For this reason, they decided to use UDS Enterprise connection broker so as to avoid buying a license, that in this case is replaced by a subscription at a small price that provides support, updates, patches ... On the other hand, and to help cost saving, they migrated from vSphere hypervisor to oVirt, an Open Source hypervisor developed by Red Hat.

The technical staff in charge of the project explains the process and the reasons that led them to make this decision in this video recorded during RedIRIs Technical Conference.



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