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Why VMware and Citrix will launch Linux VDI

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamWhy VMware and Citrix will launch Linux VDI  2014-11-24 UDS Enterprise TeamWhy VMware and Citrix will launch Linux VDI

Very shortly after Citrix announced its Linux technologies for apps and virtual desktops in XenDesktop and XenApp, VMware reported that Horizon View will support Linux in 2015. And why these firms have decided to take this step? It is very simple. Companies using Linux and Windows would find a VMware and Citrix unified virtualization tool very useful.

In this way, they would no longer maintain two virtualization platforms, two support teams, two protocols, two clients and two different environments. They could manage everything centrally.


In addition, Citrix and VMware compete in the market with Virtual Bridges, Red Hat and NoMachine. Supporting Linux, they will become an alternative for mixed operating system environments that need an upgrade.

And how will all this affect to current Citrix and VMware customers? Read SearchVirtualDesktop full article.



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