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Keep your data safe with desktop virtualization

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamKeep your data safe with desktop virtualization 2014-11-13 UDS Enterprise TeamKeep your data safe with desktop virtualization

A VDI platform may greatly improve the security of critical information, as it allows administrators to ensure the user workstation environment by controlling access to virtual desktops, refusing the use of non-authorized devices, if necessary.

On the one hand, the use of non-persistent virtual desktops permits you to immediately change the status of a user station platform back to a stable and valid configuration. A completely new desktop is presented to a user each time they open a session, which completely isolates viruses or any other type of malware.

On the other hand, assigning virtual desktops to the Data Center does not just mean that the IT department administers the user station environment in a more comfortable way. In matters of security, it results in less time and greater consistency in the application of security patches, since these patches are applied on the different images on which the virtual desktops are deployed.

Besides, with the adoption of thin clients as devices for connecting to virtual desktops, another component is added to the security of the platform, as these devices are difficult for malware to attack. If these devices are attacked, the problem can be solved by simply shutting down and restarting the device.



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