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VDI as disaster recovery strategy

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamVDI as disaster recovery strategy 2014-11-05 UDS Enterprise TeamVDI as disaster recovery strategy

Most organizations are provided with a disaster recovery plan that includes the steps to follow in case of natural disaster or a prolonged power outage that prevents them from accessing the jobs located in their offices.

Desktop virtualization is emerging as a tool of great help in these cases, since the users can access their virtual desktops from anywhere, anytime and with any device, so that production is not affected by the problems that may arise in certain facilities, thus avoiding the economic losses caused by the interruption of the activity.

With a VDI infrastructure using UDS Enterprise, the IT Department can deploy hundreds of virtual desktops and provide them fast access from any location, ensuring the business continuity. In addition, as data are not stored on a physical server and backups of all desktops are performed centrally, the risks arising from the loss of corporate information are removed.



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