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Microsoft unveils updates to Azure

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamMicrosoft unveils updates to Azure 2014-10-29 UDS Enterprise TeamMicrosoft unveils updates to Azure

More than 5,500 professionals of the technology industry are attending from yesterday until next Friday TechEd Europe 2014 in Barcelona, the Microsoft conference oriented to IT professionals and developers. During the first day the company announced new cloud services, mobility solutions, APIs, tools, and an extended ecosystem of partner solutions.

Among the innovations, we emphasize the innovations in Azure to help streamline operations:

Azure Operational Insights brings together Azure, HDInsight and Microsoft System Center to gather and analyze machine data across cloud environments and turn it into actionable insights that inform business decisions. Available in preview in November 2014.

Azure Batch allows customers to deploy massive scale-out jobs, with access to thousands of cores, to solve complex problems with just a few clicks and no infrastructure investment. Available in preview.

Azure Automation automates time-consuming tasks across Azure and third-party environments, reducing the risk associated with repetitive manual processes. Generally available.

Microsoft also announced a number of security enhancements, generally available now, to Azure Virtual Machines and Cloud Services, including these:

Support for multiple network interface cards (NICs) so customers can bring their own networking and security appliances such as load balancers and firewalls.

New Network Security Groups that enable customized security boundaries for network access and provide greater control over traffic flow.

Microsoft Anti-Malware for Virtual Machines and Cloud Services, a free service that provides real-time threat protection.

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