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Persistent vs Non-persistent virtual desktops (First Part)

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamPersistent vs Non-persistent virtual desktops (First Part) 2014-10-27 UDS Enterprise TeamPersistent vs Non-persistent virtual desktops (First Part)

One of the important issues that must be evaluated before deploying a VDI project is whether the virtual desktops are going to be persistent or non-persistent. The UDS Enterprise team has analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the two options to make the most appropriate decision for each business. Below we sum up the features of persistent desktops and throughout this week we will publish another post on non-persistent desktops.

With the resources of a persistent desktop, each user has their own desktop running on a specific virtual machine. These types of desktops allow for a greater personalization of one’s workspace, but require more storage and backup resources.

Pros: Personalization and quick deployment

It’s much easier to personalize persistent desktops because each user has their own data, direct accesses and files on the machine each time they start up a session at their workspace. Besides, It’s also much easier for a user to adapt to using these types of desktops, since they work almost exactly the same as their physical PCs. Moreover, It’s easier to implement the deployment of these types of desktops, since with migration techniques from physical places to the virtual platform or through cloning corporate images of the workplace, these spaces are made available to users in a short period of time.

Cons: Storage, administrative and management space

When hosting the users’ data with the desktop, a very large amount of storage space is consumed, with increasingly larger increments. At the same time, when the desktop platform grows, managing these types of desktops becomes more complicated, as each virtual machine has to be separately managed and administered.

If you are interested in comparing this type of desktops with the non-persistent ones, stay tuned to our blog and our social networks because throughout the week we will complete this information.



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