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Differences between desktop and server virtualization

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamDifferences between desktop and server virtualization 2014-10-13 UDS Enterprise TeamDifferences between desktop and server virtualization

One of the most common mistakes when implementing a VDI project is to consider that it is exactly the same as server virtualization. Many companies adopt desktop virtualization after having successfully virtualized their servers, and they make mistakes.To prevent this, you should keep in mind the following points.

The behaviour of the virtual desktops in a datacenter and the profile of the staff who is going to use this technology is completely different from the usual one in a server environment, where the use of the servers is totally procedural. Thus, there are procedural issues regarding server virtualization but in the case of virtual desktops,these platforms are only operated by qualified technical staff.

In a virtual desktop environment there are technical users (administrators) and non-technical users (virtual desktops users). So, the procedures are not so easy to implement and the use predictions may be less accurate. When a wrong operation is carried out, it may affect the infraestructure that supports the virtual desktops.

Taking into account these differences we may conclude that before adopting a VDI project we need fully analyze the business needs and the current problems that may be solved with this solution, without letting ourselves be carried away by our experience with server virtualization.



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