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Disadvantages of application virtualization

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamDisadvantages of application virtualization 2014-10-09 UDS Enterprise TeamDisadvantages of application virtualization

At the beginning of this week we published an article about the benefits of application virtualization. But, as we already mentioned in that post,there are also some disadvantages. That is why we are going to analyze the main three issues arising from this technology:

• Not all applications can be virtualized, some of them require special installation options or subsequent tuning of the packet so that they function correctly.

• In an application virtualization environment, standard updates do not usually work, as the application must be virtualized with the installed update.

• In terminal services environments, a server crash in low availability platforms results in the operation of the applications that said server was serving being interrupted.

For further information about application virtualization,have a look at this document.



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