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VDI: a new ally for Education

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamVDI: a new ally for Education 2014-09-29 UDS Enterprise TeamVDI: a new ally for Education

The educational environment is a complex environment on an IT level, very possibly more than many critical business platforms, because it needs to deploy hundreds of applications and user stations to provide service to the faculty, the students and its own administrative staff.

Furthermore, both in colleges and schools, there must be multidisciplinary classrooms where different courses are taught, with completely different software that needs to be ready in a very short period of time. Many of the tools used in education are Open Source, which generally means that they will require the deployment of user stations under Linux operating systems in its different versions.

Likewise, there are tons of different platforms with heterogeneous authentication systems that the user must access within their training plan, such as laboratories, office environments, specific software for different courses, etc. And the same user station is used every day by different people, so it is very complicated to guarantee the stability and operation of different systems.

Desktop virtualization has become the best ally to help educational entities to solve all these challenges. Find out why here.



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