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UDS Enterprise 1.5 improvements (First Part)

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamUDS Enterprise 1.5 improvements (First Part) 2014-09-11 UDS Enterprise TeamUDS Enterprise 1.5 improvements (First Part)

UDS Enterprise 1.5 version shows some interesting new features which improve the experience of virtual desktops users and administrators. These include oVirt connector for KVM hypervisor update, that makes the system more robust. Besides, the development team has included support for Microsoft Hyper-V (non clustered) and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization connectors.

Another innovation introduced in this new edition allows the assignement of transports to access using smartphones and tablets, because the broker is compatible with these devices. Moreover, the administration interface has been completely renewed allowing access to the broker via web from any device anywhere and anytime. All these improvements are achieved thanks to native HTML5 support.

These are only some of the improvements introduced in the new version of our desktop virtualization connection broker, which is available with any UDS Enterprise subscription since June 2014. In forthcoming posts we'll tell you the remaining news.



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