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100% Open Source virtual desktops

Posted by UDS Enterprise Team100% Open Source virtual desktops 2014-09-08 UDS Enterprise Team100% Open Source virtual desktops

The integration of UDS Enterprise with oVirt results in a completely Open Source virtual desktop management and administration solution. This mixture has unique features, such as a better management of the virtual desktops and savings in storage space thanks to differential disk technology, a more efficient management of the virtual desktop life cycle and the virtual network, allowing the deployment of virtual machines on different vSwitches, and a better user and multimedia experience with low consumption of bandwidth due to the use of the SPICE connection protocol.

Besides, using oVirt helps you achieve a greater concentration of virtual desktops when compared to other hypervisors, permits the assignment of more virtual memory to the virtual desktops than the physical server actually has available and load balancing, using the different physical servers of the platform according to different resource usage criteria.

Together with the cost savings regarding storage because of the usage of local server hard drives that make up the virtual platform as a single shared storage, is the cost-cutting in the purchase of the platform, which is replaced by maintenance and support.

Integrating UDS Enterprise with OVirt is carried out in an easy way, since the different components are offered in a Virtual Appliance format. For futher information, read the following paper:

UDS on oVirt



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