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UDS Enterprise and VMware vCenter logos

New UDS connector for vCenter: Automatic power on & snapshots

One of the improvements already incorporated in the latest stable version of UDS Enterprise is a new connector for vCenter. It has been designed to add advanced management capabilities to fixed mac...

8 Reasons to use a virtual machine for automated testing

Automation testing, also known as test automation, is an evolving trend in the software industry. It helps to increase the effectiveness of software testing by enhancing execution speeds and covera...
Praim devices running UDS Enterprise

Praim integrates UDS Enterprise VDI software in its solutions

Praim constantly works to provide the best possible solution for all customers, also through technological partnerships. This month it signed a new partnership with Virtual Cable to integrate UDS E...
Computer room

Wake on LAN with UDS Enterprise: Advanced settings

In the last article published on our blog we announced the incorporation of support for Wake on LAN technology (WoL) to turn on physical devices remotely with UDS Enterprise. This post will indicat...
UDS Enterprise supports Wake on LAN

UDS supports Wake on LAN to turn on computers remotely

UDS Enterprise is already capable of starting physical devices remotely automatically, regardless their operating system. The popular connection broker integrates a new development that allows send...
Top 3 posts April 2021

UDS for eLearning, ASLAN Awards, and OpenNebula 6.0

The educational environment takes on a special role in the Top 3 of the most read articles on our blog last April. The first two publications are related to this sector. And it is not surprising si...
VDi with UDS Enterprise finalist ASLAN Awards

VDI for healthcare with UDS reaches the final of the ASLAN Awards

Two initiatives with UDS Enterprise are finalists of the ASLAN Awards for Digital Transformation in Public Administrations. To the University of Cantabria’s UNICAN Labs project adds that of Los Arc...

RotaJakiro: A recently discovered trojan threatens Linux users

A new malware targeting Linux operating systems takes control of the computers it manages to infect through a backdoor. Security firm 360 Netlab has identified this Trojan, known as RotaJariko .
UNICAN Labs finalist ASLAN Awards

UNICAN Labs with UDS Enterprise, a finalist for the ASLAN Awards

The University of Cantabria’s project that provides remote access to campus computers thanks to UDS Enterprise technology has reached the final of XIII ASLAN Awards for Digital Transformation in Pu...
UDS Enterprise supports OpenNebula 6.0

UDS Enterprise supports OpenNebula 6.0 "Mutara" for VDI

The VDI connection broker UDS Enterprise supports OpenNebula 6 “Mutara”. The technical team of the software for desktop, application virtualization, and remote access has carried out all the approp...
Blog Architecnologia

Architecnologia, a website focused on open learning

There are many blogs about technology. Highly exploited niches such as free software, or hardware components, security, electronics, etc. On the other hand, Architecnologia is a site somewhat diffe...
User accessing a computer remotely  with UDS Enterprise

Remote access with UDS Enterprise: Control user sessions

In the article we published earlier this week on the configuration possibilities for remote access to physical and virtual devices with UDS Enterprise , we advanced a new functionality introduced i...
Glyptodon Enterprise and UDS Enterprise integration

Glyptodon & UDS: Simple, secure acces to remote desktops

A commercial build of the open source remote access software, Apache Guacamole, Glyptodon Enterprise enables end-users to access remote desktops managed by UDS Enterprise with just a standard web b...
Man working remotely

Remote access with UDS Enterprise: Configuration

One of the many capabilities of UDS Enterprise is to provide a remote working or distance learning system fully adapted to the needs of each organization. It is possible to enable connection to Win...
Proyectos con UDS en la final de los Premios ASLAN

UDS at ASLAN Awards: Can you help us reach the final?

For yet another year, the @aslan association has recognized the importance of UDS Enterprise as a catalyst for innovation and digitization of public organizations of various types. Several projects...
49 Grupos de Trabajo RedIRIS

Next week 49th edition of RedIRIS Working Groups will be held

RedIRIS, the Spanish academic and research network, has organized a new session of its Working Groups for next week. The 49th edition of this event will be held online on Tuesday, April 20. The obj...
Alumna en prácticas

Virtual Cable and IES Europa sign an internships agreement

The UDS Enterprise developer, Virtual Cable, and the IES Europa in Rivas Vaciamadrid (Spain) have signed a collaboration agreement for students from this educational center to carry out their inter...
Universidad de Hong Kong - Premios ASLAN

UDS at the Hong Kong University, aspiring to ASLAN Awards

The remote access platform of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University joins the list of projects with UDS Enterprise selected for the ASLAN Awards for Digital Transformation projects in Public Adminis...
Hackathon: Winning over the classroom with Jitsi

European Commission promotes a Hackathon to improve Jitsi

Under the motto "Winning over the classroom with Jitsi", the European Commission invites all ethical hackers to participate in a Hackathon to improve the functionalities of this free and Open Sourc...
Virtual Cable turns 10

Virtual Cable, the company developer of UDS Enterprise, turns 10

A week like this, precisely a decade ago, four virtualization experts decided to take a brave step that would put Spain on the international map of desktop virtualization software development. Enco...
ESIC Business and Marketing School

ESIC: Universal access to academic resources with UDS Enterprise

Carlos Salas, Director of Information Systems, Communications and Support Technologies at ESIC Business and Marketing School: "The maturity of the solution and its standardization in the education ...